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Healthy Coconut Milk Rice

My children just love milk rice, they could eat it 3 times a day. Since I try to avoid milk and milk products for my family, I tried to replace it with coconut milk. I cooked rice in the Thermomix, when done, I added one can of full fat coconut milk, 4 TBSP coconut sugar,

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Thermomix – the miracle in my kitchen !!!

My new and favorite kitchen friend! Oh do I love my Thermi. When I went to the Thermomix presentation, knowing that I have all (and I mean ALL!!) kitchen machines, I very much doubted that it could convince me to get another machine. I saw it in action and immediately bought it. Since that day,

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2 minutes dessert

2 minutes dessert delicious fresh cherry coconut cream.2 cups pitted fresh cherries / or frozen mango / or banana1 can of full fat coconut milk (chilled from the fridge)3-4 tsp coconut sugarĀ 4 drops vanilla essential oilmix all in a food processor or blender, chill in the fridge until serving. Enjoy !!  

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