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Raw on vacation

I just returned from a sunny 1 week in Israel. Before I left, I made sure that I have all I needed to stay on my raw food diet. My intention was to stay “raw” at least 90% during my visit. I knew it won’t be easy. Israel is well known for its excellent cuisine

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vegan banana pancake

For Sunday mornings I like to make a special breakfast. If I don’t prepare raw food, I resort to a vegan recipe. This morning I was in the mood for good old pancakes! I had all the ingredients ready, within a few minutes I was ready to roll. The sweet smell of banana, cinnamon and

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Sweeten up your life

I like it sweet, but I know SUGAR is the ENEMY of good health and weight loss. Though sugar is an important part in our nutrition, the types and quantities of our intake are the key. To make it real simple: sugar is a carbohydrate. Carbs are important for our brain and the rest of

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