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2 minutes dessert

2 minutes dessert delicious fresh cherry coconut cream.2 cups pitted fresh cherries / or frozen mango / or banana1 can of full fat coconut milk (chilled from the fridge)3-4 tsp coconut sugarĀ 4 drops vanilla essential oilmix all in a food processor or blender, chill in the fridge until serving. Enjoy !!  

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Raw on vacation

I just returned from a sunny 1 week in Israel. Before I left, I made sure that I have all I needed to stay on my raw food diet. My intention was to stay “raw” at least 90% during my visit. I knew it won’t be easy. Israel is well known for its excellent cuisine

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vegan banana pancake

For Sunday mornings I like to make a special breakfast. If I don’t prepare raw food, I resort to a vegan recipe. This morning I was in the mood for good old pancakes! I had all the ingredients ready, within a few minutes I was ready to roll. The sweet smell of banana, cinnamon and

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